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Table 3 Physician-reported recommendations* to improve relevance and implementation of the OC guidelines in LTC, grouped in rank order by major theme

From: Fracture risk assessment in long-term care:a survey of long-term care physicians

  Rank # of coded statements
Theme: Adapt tools and therapeutic recommendations 1 34
  Remove BMD from fracture risk assessment   
  Adapt therapeutic recommendations   
  Clarify fracture risk assessment recommendations   
  Make format of guidelines and tools more user-friendly   
Theme: Make guidelines relevant to LTC 2 30
  Address factors that make the LTC population unique   
  Address short life expectancy of LTC residents   
  Address lack of evidence in LTC population   
  Address risk of therapeutic recommendations   
Theme: Other 3 3
  Recommend the involvement of pharmacists   
  Involve LTC physicians in guideline development   
  1. *67 statements from 45 respondents.