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Table 4 Calculation of the costs of the Oomph! classes

From: Cost-effectiveness of a physical exercise programme for residents of care homes: a pilot study

Parameter name Value  
Costs of training staff (activities coordinators) to run classes, per home £915 Licence fee + 2 days staff time, incurred once
Number of classes per home 98.4 per year Average of 8.2 per month in 159 care homes
Time spent per class 50 min 40 + 10 min preparation
Costs of activities coordinator £20/hour PPSRU—Agenda for Change band 2
Total costs per home per year £2555 £915 + 98.4*50*20/60
Number of participants per home 17.2 Average number of participants (residents that attended at least one class per month) in 159 care homes
Total costs per participant per year a £148.55 2555/17.2
  1. a Total costs per participant are an average for all participants; some may only attend one class per month while others attend several classes per month