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Table 1 Characteristics of the new exercise programme. Modified according to Mechling und Brach [[48], p. 15].

From: Implementation of preventive strength training in residential geriatric care: a multi-centre study protocol with one year of interventions on multiple levels

Focus Strength, balance, ability to perform ADL
Exercise choice 10 strength exercises supporting everyday competence Sensorimotor exercise and games during opening and end phase of the session
Exercise frequency Group sessions twice a week
Exercise volume 1-2 sets with 10 repetitions each
Duration of one session 45 to 60 minutes
Exercise intensity 80% of 1RM, controlled by Borg's rating scale of perceived exertion
Minimum requirements Ability to stand or ability to perform the alternative exercises Ability to join group activities
Instructors Instructors undergo particular programme training
Participation Regular and continuous exercise is essential in order to gain desired effects
Additional care Additional assistant is present to care for frail and for disorientated participants
Liquid intake Breaks with beverage offers are an integrant part of the training intervention