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Table 1 Types of faucet operation errors

From: Examining the impact of familiarity on faucet usability for older adults with dementia

Error type Error description
No error The participant used the faucet without committing an error
Wrong location The participant interacted with the faucet, but did not use the actuator (e.g., the participant attempted to turn on the water using the spigot, rather than the actuator).
Wrong operation The participant interacted with the faucet’s actuator, but did not use it correctly (e.g., pushing down on a knob instead of rotating it)
Wrong outcome The participant interacted with the actuator correctly, but did not achieve the desired outcome (e.g., the participant wanted to increase water flow, but turned the knob in the wrong direction, unintentionally turning the water off)
No attempt The participant did not attempt to use the faucet