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Table 2 Primary and secondary outcome measurement instruments for elderly participants per stratum and for caregivers

From: Embrace, a model for integrated elderly care: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial on the effectiveness regarding patient outcomes, service use, costs, and quality of care

  Elderly people Caregivers Professionals
  Stratum A Stratum B Stratum C   
Measurement instrument Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary Primary Secondary  
IM-E-SA   P / S   P / S P S    
GFI   P / S P S P S    
GWI   P   P   P    
SMAS-30 P   P    P    
EQ-5D P / S   P / S   P / S     
Modified Katz ADL   P / S   P / S   P / S    
Quality of life   P   P   P   P  
CSI        P   
MDS-e S   S   S     
PACIC Q   Q   Q     
PIH scale   Q   Q   Q    
ACIC          Q1
GAS   Q1   Q1   Q1    
  1. P Patient outcome.
  2. Q Quality of care outcome.
  3. S Service use and costs outcome.
  4. 1 Measured in the intervention group.