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Table 3 The most important aspects of dignified care

From: The meaning and importance of dignified care: findings from a survey of health and social care professionals

Please rank in order how important these are to you (1 = most important, 8 = least important) Mean Order of importance
Treating a patient as an individual 2.41 1
Maintaining privacy when providing care at all times and in all places 2.72 2
Responding promptly and professionally when patients ask for help 3.67 3
Having time to talk and actively listen to patients 4.18 4
Providing adequate help with personal care (e.g. washing, clothing, toileting) 4.84 5
Addressing patients as they have asked to be addressed 5.31 6
Helping patients at meal times 5.57 7
Obtaining consent from patients for sharing information 7.22 8