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Table 1 Educational topics covered during intervention

From: Effectiveness of a multifactorial falls prevention program in community-dwelling older people when compared to usual care: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (Prevquedas Brazil)

Week no. Session
Week 1 Introduction to the Program for Prevention of Falls.
Week 2 Why do the elderly fall? Is falling normal in old age?
Week 3 The importance of exercise in strengthening muscles, improving balance and walking safely.
Week 4 What is risky behaviour? Is it normal to be afraid of falling? Which actions do I need to modify or avoid preventing falls?
Week 5 Medication and falls
Week 6 Is my home safe? How can I make it safer?
Week 7 How can I care for my feet? What is a safe shoe?
Week 8 Does food increase my risk of falling? How can I eat well?
Week 9 How good is my memory and attention span? What can I do to improve them?
Week 10 Do I see well? How important is my vision for safe indoor and outdoor mobility?
Week 11 Osteoporosis and the risk of fracture.
How to get up from the floor after a fall.
Week 12 Why do I need to continue exercising?