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Table 3 Antibiotic and laboratory use when antibiotics were prescribed for a suspected urinary tract infection (n= 204)*

From: Asymptomatic bacteriuria, antibiotic use, and suspected urinary tract infections in four nursing homes

Characteristics Asymptomatic prescription for UTI (N=95) One or more symptoms of UTI (N=109)
Urine studies performed 89%** 89%
Lab results received prior to antibiotic prescription (Rx) 80% 69%
Antibiotics Used   
Fluoroquinolones 28% 36%
Nitrofurantoin 25% 19%
Sulphonamides 13% 10%
Penicillins 14% 10%
Cephalosporins 8% 10%
Others 12% 15%
Average days of antibiotic prescription (standard deviation) 7.6(2.20) 8.1(2.92)
  1. *Since this analysis is based on prescriptions, some residents appear in both categories. Our analyses of differences took this into account. None of the differences were statistically significant.
  2. **Facility records identified all prescriptions as given for UTI treatment but chart review did not find documentation of laboratory results.