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Table 1 Original list of areas of care domains

From: Identifying resident care areas for a quality improvement intervention in long-term care: a collaborative approach

 Plain language RAI MDS 2.0 Quality Indicator
1. Falls Prevalence of falls
2. Restraints Prevalence of daily physical restraints
3. Behaviour management Prevalence of behaviour symptoms affecting others
4. Depression Prevalence of symptoms of depression
5. Continence Prevalence of bladder/ bowel incontinence
6. Bladder infection Prevalence of urinary tract infection
7. Eating/feeding/nutrition Prevalence of weight loss Prevalence of dehydration
8. Mobility Prevalence of little or no activity a
9. Skin integrity/skin care Prevalence of pressure ulcers
10. Pain/discomfort management Prevalence of pain (frequency and intensity)
  1. Note. We removed falls from the list sent to healthcare aides after we learned that Safer Healthcare Now! was potentially launching a national initiative on falls in the long-term care sector.
  2. a There was no quality indicator for mobility at the time this list was sent to stakeholders.