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Volume 10 Supplement 1

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Chronic muscular Pain treatment with Muscular Acoustic Modulator Device in elderly

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BMC Geriatrics201010 (Suppl 1) :A111

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  • Quality Life
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  • Acoustic Modulator
  • Muscle Contracture


Muscles Contractures are an important part of multi-factorial etiology of chronic pain.

MAM® is an acoustic waves device modulated in power and frequency (0-50 Hz, 0-5 Bar) for treatment of muscular contractures.

If the treatment of the chronic muscular contractures with MAM® can improve quality life in elderly.

Materials and methods

We have analyzed the results of a comprehensive examination of 5 over 60 age patients (Group 1: aged 76+/-5,2 years) and 5 control over 60 age patients (Group 2; aged 74+/-2,2 years). Every group was studied with a manual objective examination of the skeletal muscle apparatus to find perceived and evoked contractures reported on a paper map support. This map allows to transfer with accuracy to the physiotherapist which are the points on which he must make MAM® treatment.(Group 1: contractures 22,8 +/-1,47 ; Group 2: contractures 23,4 +/-2,03). To each group was given a BPI-sf (Brief Pain Inventory) to have a review of quality life the first day of examination and at the last day of treatment. Group 1 was treated with an acoustic wave modulator device (MAM®) , once a week, for four weeks. Each point was treated three times every sitting (16 sec for point). Group 2 was not treated


We have observed in Group 1 a reduction of contracture points after IV treatment with MAM® and an improvement of quality life value with BPI test taking average of all the averages of VAS respect Group two, as shown in Table 1 and Figure 1.

Table 1


N. pts.


Contracture points I treatment

Contracture points IV treatment

BPI before

BPI after

Group 1







Group 2


74+/-2,2 years

23,4 +/-2,03

24,2 +/-1,42




Treatment of chronic muscular pain with acoustic MAM® device reduces VAS value in BPI from 5,8+/-3,46 to 0,5+/-0,93, reduces of 70% muscular contractures and improve quality life in elderly.

Figure 1

Authors’ Affiliations

Cardiovascular Department, La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy


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